Recommended Coop supplier- central VA (Farmville area). Great folks!

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    Apr 3, 2009
    Since I'm a big fan of buying locally (and providing feedback), I wanted to let everyone know that we just bought another coop, this time from Rice Custom Buildings, south of Farmville, VA, and had a very good experience with them. This is coop #3 for us. We needed coop #3 because we were being sort of stupid about the number of chicks we bought this year.[​IMG] We found ourselves short of cash with a rapidly growing brood. Rice is a little different in that they do a "rent to own" deal, where you pay rent on the coop as you are paying it off. Also, the purchase price was a lot lower than everyone else's in the area- very affordable. The application process was simple, and in our case, while we needed the coop ASAP, we knew we'd be able to pay in full within a couple of months, anyway. We didn't want to put this on a credit card, and didn't have to. The delivery was professional- and free if it's local. The rent proceeds to go a non-profit church group in PA. This is the best way I know of to get a chicken coop in a hurry. For all you other people out there who don't plan ahead very well. I highly recommend these folks. They are: (contact) Paul Rice at Rice Custom Buildings, Office: 434-561-7177 (cell: 434-390-0682).

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