Recommended output voltage to electric poultry fencing

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    Jan 3, 2010
    I would like to use flexible electric netting to effect safe pasturing areas for my chickens. I have used same for sheep but I am afraid my electic fencer (a low impedance Parmak SE-4) is too powerful (15000 no load volts output) and may kill chickens. Does anyone know if this fencer would be safe to use? If not, what would be the recommended fence voltage and where could I purchase the appropriate fencer?
    Thanks for any answers.
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    Thats a catch 22 if you use a fencer that is too weak why use it If it ticks it is likely going to zing the bird but wont kill a bigger one I still think I d do like I did and use welded wire and put the electric wire on the outside so as to keep the bad guys out...
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    Your fencer shouldn't hurt them. The shock is of such short duration that it causes discomfort, but no damage.
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    I paid about $600 for the net electric fencing, the energizer, jumper, etc. I never could get it to work properly b/c of grounding out on grass or places where the fence would sag a bit b/c of uneven ground. If I took the connectors apart where the sections joined down the fence line, it would give a jolt that would make you think twice about touching it again, but I could grab it anywhere along the netting and nothing -- sometimes I would feel just the slightest pulse. I now use the webbing fence as extra free range space in the yard on days I'm going to be home, and on days I'm going to be gone I leave them in the big chainlink run. I've considered putting a couple of strands of electrified wire around the outside of the chain link for some added protection. The energizer I got from the Permanet Co. is supposed to be the right voltage/side for electrifying 150' of fence to protect chickens and keep them in, according to the customer service rep. In retrospect, I should have gotten a stronger one because I'm much more concerned about keeping other critters OUT than I am in keeping the chickens in...
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    (a low impedance Parmak SE-4) is too powerful (15000 no load volts output) and may kill chickens.

    It won't kill them unless they get entangled, which isn't likely to happen.
    Even a weak charger would kill them in that situation anyway

    You'll be lucky to get 5000 volts to the whole fence even with the SE-4 ( I own 2 of them)​
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