Recommended vaccines in Iowa

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    Hello, I hope this is the correct place to post this question.

    I have new chicks and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the recommended vaccines in Iowa. Are there any? Do chickens need yearly vaccines, like my other animals? How about regular worming?

    Thanks for any info.
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    Most folks dont vaccinate or have their birds vaccinated. I have never had mine vaccinated. However it would be best to contact your local extension office and find out what poultry diseases are prevalent in your area and then consider vaccinating. Here where I live, fowl pox is the main issue and alot of chicken owners vaccinate against fowl pox. Practicing strict biosecurity goes a long way preventing diseases from infecting your flock as well.
    As far as worming; your soil dictates how often to worm. Warm moist or wet soil may require frequent wormings. Cool or cold dry or rocky mountainous soil or desertlike soil/sand would require less wormings. Our soil is warm and wet most of the year and I worm my birds every 3 months, sometimes sooner. Here's a couple of links regarding vaccinating flocks:
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