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  1. minister man

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    Sep 9, 2010
    New Brunswick
    I have been reading that I need to keep a clip board and pen in my chicken coop to keep good records of things.

    Cool, I can do that, but what kind of things will I later wish I had kept track of? IF I learn from your regrets, may avoid some of my own. Thanks
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    Jan 10, 2011
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    I'm all into computers so I don't keep a clip board in the coop but I do keep track of things like:

    Who do I have out there, I named my since I only have 9 so I just write there names down
    When and where did I get ______?
    When they left and how (killed or sold)
    Any illnesses
    Attitude or personality (this helps me to decide whether I want some more of the same breed or not)

    How many eggs I got today
    Each eggs weight
    Any special condition an egg was found in (laid in coop floor - discarded)

    Weather conditions but only if extreme or stress causing (a low egg production day following a severe storm, helps me understand them better).

    and any other thing of note, like coop cleaned out on (date), changes made to coop (sometimes causes stress), feed changes, etc.

    Hope this helps but everyone does it different

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