Recovering hen with blue comb


6 Years
Jun 9, 2017
So I have a hen, Lucy, a 1 yo buff Orpington, who mostly likely had an egg crack inside her. She got very sick and weak. I had to use antibiotics and tube feed her back to health. This started last Thursday, Friday was her at her worst (that afternoon we started antibiotics) and today she is acting so much better. She's able to stand longer, balance better, more talkative, preening, and finally eating by herself. However her comb seems to be getting blue... which I know is not a good thing so I'm looking for advice on whether or not I need to do something, if there's anything to do that is, or if it will pass as she continues to heal. I attatched some pictures below

The first one of Lucy in early winter during her first molt. Next is Lucy before I started antibiotics, probably at the worst I've seen her on Friday afternoon. And the last two pictures are of her tonight. Maybe I'm just overreacting but I want to make sure I am doing everything possible for her. Thanks in advance for any help, suggestions, or links to articles!


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Is frost bite an issue where you live? Why do you think an egg cracked inside her? Be sure to complete the full course of antibiotics. Has she seen a vet? Is her crop emptying properly? Is her abdomen (fluffy butt) bloated with fluid at all? Sorry about all the questions. Just trying to gather more info.
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Yes frostbite is an issue, but she has been inside for the past week. And yes I consulted a vet before using antibiotics, but the only vet who would see her was one who had experience growing up with chickens but never actually examined one. Her crop has been emptying properly, although she hasn't been eating a lot because she was very, very weak. I haven't felt any fluid gathering, but I am a newbie so I will read some more about checking for fluid. And no worries, these are things I should have put in my first post sorry!
And now the blueish tips on her comb is almost gone, I think it's a circulatory issue is my hunch but what causes it to drastically change?

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