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    Mar 18, 2012
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    I am planning to make my main coop and a chicken ark that fits over raised beds using as many recycled and free materials. My goal is to spend less than 100.00 for both structures. While searching for ideals I found this especially nice looking coop made mostly of recycled materials. It looks like you would need more than basic carpentry skills to build it but it sure is pretty.

    Luckily our yard was pretty much a dump so I have unearthed plenty of 8X16 pavers and have so left over pressure treated 2x6's to make the base. There are lots of cedar fence posts from the fence we just replaced because the all posts and bottom ends were rotting from sitting in water.The post were beyon used but I have cut the fence boards down to 4 to 5 foot pieces, Now I need 2x4's windows and some sort of fencing screening. I am thinking I will check the saw mill and see what they have in their free wood pile and go to the dump and wait for some one to unload useable construction materials.

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    Sounds like a good plan! Make sure to post pics as you go along on your project so we can all see and [​IMG]

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