recycled material Wichita coop knock-off


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Apr 14, 2014
Enjoyed beekeeping so much I decided to pickup backyard chicken keeping too.

I read a book "A chicken in every yard" and browsed this website to get educated and started. I grew up around farms so it was a stark change from farm practices to backyard practices. Thought i would put what I learned here for others as this place was really helpful.

I wanted to keep the costs down on the start up as much as possible so i looked into recycle centers for materials. Turned out a local place called Ecocycle had tons of basic building supplies recycled from around the area. You have to be a bit creative on some things. I also used 4x4's from my sons sand box that occupied the spot previously. I'm a DIY'er so I had lots of stuff and hardware around from previous projects. Takes a bit more time working with old lumber as its anything but straight and hard as oak to drive screws in. I also ruined a pricey saw blade with a hidden nail.

Time to build = Took me approximately 5-6 days to construct the coop, i have maybe 2 hours left in details before the girls go out in it.

Costs = $440 for materials (includes hardware & screws)
$120 for chicks, feeders, and other basics stuff

Size = 5.5' x 10' base with a roof height from 5' to 6'

Day 1
Basic frame on brick foundation (all recycled material)

Day 2

Roof, run door, painting, and a couple chicken wire panels
- i used a old recycled door as it was only $10 from Ecocycle
-chicken wire and roof paneling was new material (except tar paper and rubber from a flat top building that was recycled)

Day 3

Coop door, nest boxes, and walls
-used old greenhouse double wall panel for window
-coop door used new plywood and side of coop was from the same sheet

basic inside (Floor is new wood and egg box was built from a shelving unit from ecocycle)

Day 4-5

Details and painting (finished all the chicken wire panels, side vents, ramp, and fixing mistakes)

*need a pic of the finished paint, ramp, and the hanging feeder/water

Chicks are about 5 weeks old now (old pic) and I'm hoping are as excited as me to get them outside:)


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Jan 10, 2013
Your coop looks great. I, also, built a Wichita type coop and my one year old hens love it. But, I would rethink the roosts. Expert sources report flat roosts are more chicken friendly then round roosts. They sleep with their feet flat and sit on their feet at nite. Other types of birds wrap their feet around the roosts. 2x4 boards with 4 inch flat to sit/sleep on has worked out well for my gals.


5 Years
Apr 14, 2014
I may change it around and the locations of the roosts once i learn where they want to be in the coop. On the farm we always used wood hand rails for roosts and these branch's are even bigger around then those were. I'm a little afraid they wont be able to get on the higher roost but from past experiences they always seemed to like the highest point in a coop. Again I have a background in 50+ flocks so these little backyard setups are new to me.

My next project is hooking solar panels and a battery bank to heat a water fount for the winter and run a auto door opener/closer.


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Jun 24, 2011
Solar panels are a great idea. I'll have to think about incorporating that in the coop I'm building.
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