red, and a little crusty on her naked butt


In the Brooder
May 19, 2020
northern illinois
I have a red star who has been molting more than the rest of the girls. I noticed that she has been rather nakey in the seat of her pants, and assumed it was an unfortunate spot to molt. Today, she looks a little crusty in the butt as if someone dusted her with flour, and her tail feathers looked wet-ish. She eats, and looks normal - comb color ok, eyes good, appetite regular, willing to run for bread. Corraled her and used paper towel to blot tail feathers, and put Nu-Stock lotion on the red areas, and some DE in her tail area and on her back since she seemed damp to dry that more. Her vent looked ok but at one point a little clear discharge. That I don't know anything about. Is that normal?

So - thoughts, suggestions????

thanks in advance

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