Red Blood Rng


7 Years
Mar 30, 2012
SE Missouri
What causes a red blood ring? Is it bad or good?( I have a feeling its bad)

I see it i think on 2 of my hatching eggs.They are on day 8 today. The eggs are brown and my flashlight isnt that good so its a little hard to tell what i am seeing but it pretty much looks like the red blood ring i saw in someones photo sort of around the egg in the middle The eggs are 3/4 dark,I could see that so it seems like something is in there. Dont know for sure.
Anyone? Thanks ahead
Blood rings are a sign that your chick is dead. Remove any of those so they do not explode in the incubator. If you really are not sure if they are good or not give them a little bit longer and re candle.

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