Red Bourban Tom~1 yrs old~Proven Breeder!! Price reduced!

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    Feb 21, 2010
    I have reduced price on this boy, so i can let go one extra mouth to feed, and help with feed bill. This is the least i will take for him!! Pickup in NE OH, zipcode is 44654. I can meet within reasonable distance if you help with my gas. This boy produced some really nice chicks this season, so he is proven...he still struts around and play fights with his brother here. I just dont need 2 Toms when i have only 2 red bourban hens keeping 2 calico poults of his from this season. These are heritage turkey, they breed and brood naturally, they are very easy to raise and keep for pets. My birds never hardly go inside for winter...they always roost on top of the barn or coops, very stubborn if you ask me...but that is them and they do great in our Ohio weather. Very hardy birds! These boys were handraised, so they are very friendly...never have had any problems with them and the kids ever. Make great pets or lawn ornaments!! LOL I have always had visitors look at them and fuss over pretty they are, what show offs, etc...they are just too cool!! We even have people slow down in their vehicles and stop and look at them in the front yard when they are out in the front of house. At this time, i just need to cut back to bare minimum of mouths to feed... i dont have room for extra toms, when i have so many other birds/projects to feed here. He really just needs a good home. I also have 2 white broadbreasted hens for pets or whatever you desire...they are just 1 yrs old also, produced eggs/chicks this season. They are available for $30 each. If you plan to butcher for Xmas dinner, they would be perfect. Very large heavy breasts on them, they also free ranged with my heritage turkey. They would be way better then store bought commercial turkey.

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