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    What size of pen do you have for your Red-Breasted Geese and what feed do you feed them and nesting and etc.......

    Is there any muations of the Red-Breasted Geese?

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    May 31, 2010
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    oh yah i would like to know too!
    Are they expensive?
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    Mar 9, 2008
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    Quote:Not if you can swing $1000- $1500 a pair, in that case, very cheap, LOL

    Pens can vary a lot for them, generally for any type of the ornamental geese, and 400 sqft pen is best as a minimum in my opinion. The red breasted are one of the few you can mix with migratory ducks too and not have the ducks murdered. Though for breeding reasons, they do much better when confined to a pen just for them, with plenty of cover, and clean cool fresh water. THEY WILL NOT THRIVE in nasty pens and mucky water. They'll live, but they'll be miserable and usually not produce a single egg for you.
    Their diet doesnt have to be anything special. A good waterfowl or gamebird diet will do, and they , like all waterfowl, love a treat of floating catfish feed.

    Like most geese, they dont need a massive water area either, but what is there does need to be kept up with. For the most part, like any other species, they will spend most the day on land grazing, that's where a big pen comes in nice, where you can somewhat keep grass growing in it for them.

    Hope that helped a bit.
    They are beautiful, if you can afford them, and have the desire to keep them in clean pens, get ya some, you'll love them
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    Redbreasted being a smaller goose are a little easier on "turf" than larger geese but to keep grass for grazing I would recomend about 25' x 25' minimum. We breed ours without ponds we just use water pans that are about 3' square and six inches deep, they are cleaned at least once a day. Redbreasted are a very shy and getting them comfortable with there surroundings I think is one of the biggest keys to get them to breed. We have found keeping them in a secluded area by themselves works the best. As far as diet a waterfowl maintenance is fine.
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    So I want some of these... go figure..

    How would they do if they were kept in one pen for breeding then in another during the "off" season...

    You know we have our "big pen" but joined nest to it on the North wall we are going ot build a 60x25 catch/sell pen for what we raise and are going to sale..

    I am thinking that if I get them then maybe I could keep them in the big avairy during the off season with everyone else and then move them to the other pen during breeding season (Jan-May or June)..

    or would that stress them out too much??
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    Thinks Baikal teal when it comes to breeding them, very similar

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