red dots along feathers on legs ... ? mites/allergies ?

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    Nov 30, 2009
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    I'm battling what I assume to be scaly leg mites. I found one of my d'uccle roos with a bloody foot a few days ago - upon inspection his scales were a bit uplifted - so I cleaned the foot, stopped the bleeding with quick stop, smothered the rest of his leg with bag balm and then wrapped it to keep it clean and to keep the blood clot until it really started to heal. . . I sprayed the other leg with permethrin 10% diluted in water 1:8. . . (is that too diluted ? )

    that night I sprayed down everyones ! legs (what a task) ...

    But the d'uccles have red spots that travel up their legs about 1/2 cm from their feathers ... I should've taken pictures but I ran out of hands. . . (they had these before applying the permethrin) ... and their feather shafts were very red.

    ... there is still 1 d'uccle roo (the one that I first mentioned) that still had red spots tonight ... and I reapplied permethrin tonight.

    (these birds are all young - hatched this spring) ... except for 6 that are a year old.

    I also wonder if maybe it's an allergic reaction ... ? Last month I did a clean over-haul on the coop - stripped EVERYTHING - soaked the coop down with the permethrin (as directed on the bottle) ... let it air dry and put in new shavings (prior to the shavings I was using pelleted bedding (soft wood as I had it for my horses) ...

    I also switched their feed back to Poulin (they ate Purina for a couple weeks as I was at TSC when I needed food and didn't want to take the extra trip)

    AND last change would be that I started scattering 1-2 cups of scratch in the yard for them in the am (there are 33 chickens and 4 ducks)....

    So the questions ... are the red bumps part of the scaly let mites? allergies? ... or something else ?

    Someone is interested in picking up 2 of the d'uccle roos (not the first one mentioned) and they didn't have any red bumps tonight - but the feather shafts were red.

    Can I let them go in good-conscience ? (obviously telling them about battling the scaly leg mites - and suggesting QUARATINE!) ... ?? ... I was going to spray them down with permethrin again tomorrow (it's been 3 days since they were first sprayed) ...

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    Nov 30, 2009
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    Quote:The link doesn't seem to work [​IMG]

    And I did tell the 'taker' about the problems and what I've been doing to control/manage/treat the problem ... they were very understanding [​IMG]
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    Sorry I fixed the link. Then got frozen in google. had to reboot.

    I really don't like pdf sometimes. [​IMG]

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    too funny - I just came across that from "googling" too [​IMG] ...

    ... unfortunately - it doesn't really help [​IMG] ... I even tried looking at images too . . . it's a mystery .
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    I am battling some severe leg mites right now but have not seen any blood or red spots. I put vegetable oil on their legs to smother the mites. The more severe ones took two coats but one was sufficient for most. I intend to put some pour on ivomec on them soon.
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    It could be red mites. i would suggest ivermectin, 2-3 drops on skin at the back of the neck for bantams, 4-5 for standards. i've found it very effective in dealing with any kind of mite. Sometimes when you just treat with poultry dust, the mites will find a spot on the chicken that hasn't been dusted and take up residence there, like the face. For the leg mites you can also slather the legs in vasoline to smother the mites there.

    i absolutely hate mites. They are a constant problem here as they come in on wild birds. i generally have to treat everyone every 3-4 months to keep them at bay.
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    Lifted scales sounds like it could be leg mites, but on some breeds, especially feather footed ones, with maturity comes red pigmentation on legs in the form of red scales often up the sides and red feather shafts from the movement of leg feathers when getting around.

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