red fox or racoon?


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Feb 25, 2010
Van Horne, Iowa
I went out to check my chickens one day and when I got into the chicken coop, they were all gone.
All that was left were a few feathers. We do have racoons in our area, but I read that red foxes don't leave any remains except feathers. What I want to know is if a red fox or a racoon that got my chickens.
I'm so sorry about your chickens! How terrible!

How many chickens did you have?
In my experience, if raccoons can get away with the birds, they will- but if you had lots of chickens, it would be very strange for them to all disappear.
Sounds more like a fox, BUT are you sure they're all gone and you don't have some hiding? With 20 chickens I would expect at least some of them to have escaped and went into hiding. Unless of course your problem is not of the four-legged variety as Bear Foot Farm suggested...

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