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    May 1, 2016
    Have recently aquired pair of red goldens.. hen laid third egg today. Not sure when to set eggs. As she probably will lay more but first egg was laid 4-27. Thinking about setting now and turning rest by hand at end of days when need to take tuner out for first eqqs. Farm innovators 4250 incubator. Also can only get humidity to 53%.??? In basment 14 inches off ground basment temp 69.3 degrees three inches of rain in last two days. Distilled water in bottom cover moisture slots as directed. Think i may be in trouble if need 60% now and 65% at end of run . New to all this any help would be greatly appreciated. Also hen just came of breeding age have grass hay in in closure last eggg found in nest but not sure if she was sitting on. If i find others in nest should i give her and mother nature her chance? New to game birds and incubating eggs. Last of all could I aquire to test relative humudity in basement (does any one put faith in digital hygrothemometer).

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