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    Jan 15, 2011
    We have a red heat lamp for our chickens. Up until a week ago they were laying 12 eggs a day (12 hens). Now they are laying 5 to 8 a day. I am wondering if we should switch to a white light? I have been told they lay less in the winter?? Can anyone shed some "light"? Thanks
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    Regular light in the coop for around 14 hours a day should help increase production, but you'll want to use a timer because leaving it on all night is a bit much for them. What are the temps. where you're at? As long as they have a dry draft free coop they usually (unless you're talking artic temps.) don't need extra heat, though switching half way thru winter would be hard on them. Also, how old are your birds? Production drops as they get older and while some breeds and/or individual birds don't drop off much for several years most will not lay very well after they are 2-3 years old.

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    You hit it on the head. Light is the key. Shorter days means fewer eggs, for the most part. The red lamp will not "trick" them into thinking the days are longer, but the white lamp will. They need 14 hours or more to lay their best quantity of eggs. Thankfully chickens are not too bright( but brighter than turkeys I think) and can be fooled with artificial light sources. Hope that helps!


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    we usually get six eggs a day from our six girls and do not use a light - we debated over it for months and opted to skip the light and see what happens ... this is our first winter and we've been pleasantly surprised thus far [​IMG] although I still worry that its too cold out there for them - they seem to be doing fine despite the temps being down to almost zero .... brrrrrrrrr good luck [​IMG]

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