red heat lamp


8 Years
Aug 31, 2011
i always thought that chickens can't see red light and keeping them under a red heat lamp would not interfere with their sleep pattern, but how wrong could i be. i moved all my chicks out into the shed with their red heat lamp took all the food away at night as they will be a sleep. but i kept going out and they were running around and peeping. so i removed the red lamp and put out my ceramic heat light and they instantly went to sleep, not a peep out of them until first light when they were ready for their food. so lesson learnt no more red light for my chicks.
I use a red heat bulb and mine have no trouble falling asleep. Although sleep time changes as they get older. They go from sleeping a lot as newly hatched chicks to gradually staying awake longer.
i noticed that they run around when it is dark outside, they shouldn't be doing that, all chicks and chickens hanker down at night. since they have no light in the shed they sleep all night. the red light did effect my lot.

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