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    hey, i have three 6 month old chickens in a smller coop..i have light in the coop that is on a timer in the mornings..but im worried about the times i will have to keep them warm. i want ot get a red light for warming..but i cant seem to find one under 250 watts and above 25 watts.
    i feel like 250 watts is too hot..and i dont want them up all night with a regular light.
    what do u guys do?

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    I got an 85 watt floodlight at Wal-Mart on the lightbulb aisle. The same one can be had in red, blue, green or "anti-bug" colors.
  3. i buy my heat lamps at Petco or Petsmart in the reptile section. You can get 75 watt bulbs and those seem just right for brooders or for keeping chickens warm, without broiling them.
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    I've accrued a whole collection of red bulbs for the brooder, I think I have 40, 75ish, 100, 125ish, 175 and of course the 250. Look all over the lightbulb shelves at Walmart, Home Depot, places like that. Doesn't matter whether it is lightbulb shaped or floodlight shaped, and doesn't have to say 'heat' on it. (All lightbulbs of a certain wattage put out pretty much the same amount of heat, 'heat' labelling is mainly p.r. Thus any 125w bulb, of whatever persuasion as long as it's incandescent, will put out about half the heat of any 250w bulb)

    Good luck, have fun,

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    thanks you guys!

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