Red Laced Genetics Advice need please - Wyandottes/Orps?


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Hi all

I am the proud owner of an attractive red laced Orpington pullet which came out of a blue laced pen. Blue Laced is a recent innovation in this country - we are attempting to improve the type of our gold laced Orps and so some breeders are outcrossing to a splash cockerel, and a side-effect of improving the gold laced is blue laced and buff laced.

How can I reproduce my red laced? How often do they happen from a blue laced pen (I have never seen one before).

I have a couple of red laced cockerels out of the hen - she was early 2007 hatched and the cockerels are the result of a "mistake" mating with a partridge Orp cockerel. The lacing on them is not perfect but they have plenty of red on them and I am thinking about mating one of them back to mum to see what I get.

I would be very grateful for any help for you if you know about genetics or perhaps from Wyandotte breeders - I believe that red laced Wyandottes are well-established in the United States. I think we probably have them here too - like gold laced only redder and richer - but as far as I know we just call them gold laced Wyandottes.

Can't wait to hear from you:)

I will try to help. With the birds from the blue x gold laced you should get mostly solid females and badly laced females, you then keep breeding back to laced to get the pattern good. As far as breeding the sons back, I cant really help with that, partridge I believe is a triple laced pattern. What do the chicks look like, are they more laced or more partridge? If they look more laced then breed them back to the mother, you might end up with laced birds that have some smuttyness in their feathers, but you should be able to normal gold laced eventually. I site that is really helpful with genetics is go down to the poultry breeding and genetics part and post it there, they can tell you all the possible results from it.
Thank you flyingmonkey - are you thinking I am trying to create more gold laced? I do already have plenty of gold laced - it is the rare red laced hen I have that I want to reproduce - like the gold laced but the gold is replaced by a red which looks like the RIR type of red. I understand that this may be the result of her being from a blue laced pen as the blue gene can intensify the gold to red, but she does not look like the "red laced blue" Wyandottes I have seen on some American websites - she is just like the gold laced except the gold is a richer redder colour. Her sons also have red hackles, not blue ones.

Her daughter takes after the partridge and I have actually put her in my partridge Orp pen. Her sons take after the laced parent and I would say they are red laced cockerels, with red hackles, although they have not got as much lacing on them as on a normal gold laced cockerel. The lacing they have is all over their chests.

I am just about to go to have a look at the genetic info. you recommended - thanks again.

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