Red Lake Earth, Diatomaceous with Calcium Bentonite.

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    I have been ask the following question but have never used this product. Any information would be helpful.

    "I'd like to hear people's thoughts on Red Lake Earth, Diatomaceous with Calcium Bentonite.
    Is it ok is it bad is it a waste of my money? Thoughts please".
  2. DE is good. DE works. DE is used in some food form for humans intestinal treatments. DE is fairly inexpensive. On this site you will have arguments on both sides. It is used in commercial chicken farms.

    DE is good for the insides as well as the outsides. My quail bath in it. My chickens & Guineas get dusted with it to combat parasites.

    Bentonite is a natural element that comes from ash I believe. Ash is good for the insides as well as the outsides.

    How you use it with your flock will affect the usefulness. Small amounts for internal use. External uses are used more excessively.

    Wish ya the best.
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    Depends on what you are going to do with it. This type de is an affordable and natural bug killer. Lightly dust plants or garden to kill pests. It is indiscriminate though. Basically cuts the exoskeleton like glass and bug dries out. Harmless to chickens and pets. Will not kill earthworms in soil and plants can uptake. I sprinkle de in the coop and run. Always use food grade de, not the kind for swimming pools.
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