Red mite carried into the home?


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Mar 3, 2012
Im looking to purchase an eglu cube. Im worried about mite, and whether they can get say, from a coop, into my home? On me... Is this even possible? Common? Should i not be worrying so much? Im very OCD. And what thigs can i do to my future flock and eglu to stay mite free??


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Hi lovinsilkies--

One of the reasons that I got eglu products is because the plastic doesn't allow red mites to burrow in as a wooden coop would. Not to freak you out, and it is rare but on the Eglu forum I did find postings by elgu owners who did get red mites. So red mites can get into any crevice, even the ones that are in between plastic perches.

Another reason I got an Eglu is because it is easy to clean...and hosing it off and cleaning it, drying it, and putting the parts back is one way to keep insects away.

DE (diatomaceous earth) sprinkled where you think they could be lurking is another way to keep the pests at bay. I haven't heard of them in someone's home.

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