Red Mites and Sand Fleas UGH !!!!!

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    Here at the new place i am having a heck of a time with redish/ brown mites and sand fleas!!!! [​IMG] I've dusted and Ivomected, I've adams flea and tick misted the pens and birds... I'm going crazy. [​IMG] I'm getting some yard spray and going to try and get some other stuff for the pens... but it is 20 , 8x8 pens.... lots of chickens..... [​IMG]
    Don't say DE..... that hasn't ever worked for me either.....

    What works for you...... with many birds.

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    I use


    mix it as directed and I use this once every 3 months

    you might have to use it as needed until you get the the upper hand

    maybe 2 time per week for the first week.

    and then I just seven dust the heads of the chickens too just in case.

    ETA: I have 9 pens total ranging from 12X12 to 10X10 the biggest is 16X24
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    Thanks guys .... I've never had to deal with the sand fleas before.... my poor chickies.
    My poor polish start looking good... then those dang mites start using their topknot as a condo.... grrrrrrrr

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