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    Oct 9, 2011
    I lost another chicken last night, she was perfectly fine yesterday but this morning she was dead. On close inspection through her feathers I saw mites. I am now in the process of obtaining treatment for the rest of them and cleaning their nesting boxes.
    On asking my vet if the mites would be causing the continual death of my chickens, they advised "no" unless you have a major, major infestation. Is this correct? Looks like Im back to square one again. I have now had 4 chickens die in the past 4 weeks, although this particular chicken may have been bitten by a snake. She was in good condition, a good weight and one of the stronger chickens but i would like advice from anyone about the mites please.

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    I wouldn't think that mites could kill either unless you had tons and tons.

    You definitely need to do a major cleaning and get some DE and put that all around, inside the house mixed in with what's on the floor. Put it in the nest boxes and get a pest pistil so you can puff it into the corners and crevices of your hen house. I sprinkle it into their dust bathing areas too.
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    so sorry for your losses. From what you say--the chicken was fine the day before, I think I would say your vet was on target that that death wouldn't be mites. Could the vet or you verify snake bite?

    If the other chickens you lost seemed to go down and were anemic, then it could have been mites. As I understand it, they do suck the chicken's blood and it has a cumulative effect that can kill the chicken. BTW, if you need some information about mites, there is a link to some videos on my BYC page, incase that would be any help to you.
    Hopefully you can get it cleared up and not loose any more chickens. At a minimum you could cross that off the list of possible causes of their death.
  4. I would go an treat the birds. I use either Permethrin 10%. I mix it up in a pump sprayer and spray down the birds at night while they are roosting, also spray their coop and run. Or you could use Ivermectin Pour On. If your going to be eating the eggs laid, use the Ivomec Eprinex which has zero withdrawl time.

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    Oct 9, 2011
    thank you for all your positive advice and will certainly follow through with it. I didnt take the chook to the vet although I should have, they may have been able to detect something I couldnt. they have said that if/when the next one gets sick or dies, bring it straight down.

    Thanks again
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    May 23, 2009
    Remember you need to retreat in about a week to ten days to catch the mites that will hatch out of eggs.

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