red neck chick- lost feathers- help

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  1. Hi, my 3 1/2 week old light sussex chick has lost 2cm wide band of feathers on her neck and it looks quite red. Her little mate doesnt show the same symptoms.
    Any suggestions for an ointment or cure or diagnosis would be great!!!!
    I havent got my camera at present otherwise I would have taken a pic
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    Is it possible the other one is pecking her? Poor little one. Can you seperate them in thier brooder, maybe with a piece of fencing? I would put some ointment on it...Neosporin maybe? Maybe someone more knowlegeable might now more. Good luck with the little one!
  3. Oh I cant separate them, they keep each other warm!!! but they dont peck each other, to tell the truth, they are out of the brooder as they have really feathered out well and its mild outside. They are in a little cupboard 12 inches dia. and its really sheltered in there. But on second thoughts Id better go out and bring them back in. During the day they are in a lovely little run which is sheltered from the wind but gets the sun.
    I have 2 mums with chicks in there with wire barrier to keep them separate. I call it the nursery.
    They all have a turn outside on the grass and in the dirt for a bath. I have made a covered run attached so I can leave them to do some chores!!!
    The light sussex are 3 weeks old and have their full colouring. Anyway Ill go and get them in and check for posts shortly,
  4. I just went and had a look, they both seem very comfy and not at all distressed. outside temp is 51F
    10Celsius but it will be warmer in their cupboard, with a deep hay bed. I also put in a long thick piece of wood and they are "roosting" on that.
    I reckon that she may have got burnt sitting too close to globe in brooder. perhaps the heat was too much for the new feathers. They both nestled away from the lamp in the latter stages.
    They do snuggle up so Ill put some ointment on her neck in the morning.
    Its 11.45pm here and im going to sleep now, nighty night everyone, have a great Sunday.

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