Red POOP!!!! Cocci or strawberries??? (GRAPHIC POOP PICS!)

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    Jul 28, 2016
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    Hi all,

    I think I've decided just to treat for Cocci anyways but for my own reference in future, do strawberries make chicks poo red???

    Yesterday morning I woke up to little bits of red (looked like intestinal slough off) in my girls feces and they had JUST decided that they DO in fact like strawberries (FINALLY) the day before. It's been particularly hot so I gave them as many chopped up frozen strawberries as they'd eat (only about 3 total). They had some runny poo that I attributed to the heat as they were too hot (I have since made mods on their coop so this is not an issue any more.). Yesterday they ate frozen strawberries again (more yesterday) and this morning I went to feed and clean and I saw these on the poop board...


    The vet charges $60 for a fecal float and it seems like I'd either spend the $60 and be relieved or spend the $60 and then spend more to treat.

    these are 7.5 week old birds... time is not on my side. We are on day 2 of seeing this in the morning poop.

    The facts are:
    They have runny stools (although it has been hot and they were overheated 2 days ago for a couple of hours)
    They have red in their overnight stools (although most of their other eliminations have been normal)
    They are eating and drinking (but it's only day 2)
    They DID just eat strawberries for the first time starting 2 days ago (but enough to cause a color change- if that even happens???)
    They have been heat stressed and stressed from moving into the coop from their brooder (stress= immune system deficit which could allow the cocci bacteria to flourish)
    I have supplemented their feed with probiotics since I got them (which helps, but doesn't prevent Coccidiosis)

    Calling all the experienced chook keepers out there... what do I do? Treat possibly unnecessarily or attribute it to strawberries and heat???
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    That's intestinal shedding :) your girls are good.

    Strawberries might add a slight pink hue but it'd be in the firmer droppings, not cecal and not the shedding.

    Kale...Now THAT changes poop color!

    Still safe to dose with Corid since they're in a new environment.

    Best of luck!
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