Red Pyle Modern Game Bantams (FL)

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    I'm cutting my Red Pyle Modern bantam collection in half. I have 4 cocks, 3 hens, one price of $150.00 plus shipping/box. I have far more than that invested in them!!! I've done really well with these at ABA/APA shows, but I just need to cut back on numbers a bit no thanks to the economy and the hubby having his pay cut at work. I am NPIP certified. All birds are '07/'08. Email me at [email protected] for photos & more info please. I'm in west central Florida. Bloodline originated from John Neff.


    Edited... forgot to put the state location, shame on me! [​IMG]
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    Oct 2, 2009
    Modern games are my fravorite breed. I wish i can get a hen or two, but too bad I live in Colorado and your selling them all together.[​IMG]

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