Red Rangers?

red horse ranch

9 Years
Jan 24, 2014
Buffalo Wyoming
I see the Red Rangers advertised as meat birds but I am curious if the hens lay many eggs. I've not seen this discussed anywhere. I see them in the feed stores at reasonable prices but I don't want to buy hens that don't lay eggs. :idunno
I think they lay good amount.If you want good egg production,get Rhode island reds,New Hampshires,Re sexlinks(Aka golden comets,red stars and a few other names used for them),and production reds.
I was just curious. I saw them last year for $2 each unsexed. I raise started pullets and I could make money if I got them for $2. I would harvest the roosters.
We bought 30 red ranger chicks in March this year. 20 would be meat birds and 10 as layers. We kept them all together until the layers coop was obviously too small and it was time to separate them. Our 10 layers turned out to be nine hens and 1 roo. About three weeks ago we began getting 1 egg almost every day. Last week we were getting 3 eggs per day. As of Sunday it has turned into 4 to 6 per day. When the laying first started the eggs were fairly small but now are getting good size eggs consistently. I am not sure if all the hens are laying now or not but I am quite happy with their egg production as it stands now. If we start getting more, then I will need to find more ways to use them up. Hope this helps

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