Red, raw inflamed feet


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Jun 3, 2020
while there "helpers"! So about a month ago a neighbor asked me if I'd be willing to take 9 chickens, 2 roosters & 3 Pekin ducks. He had fallen on hard times and they were his wife's birds and she up and left him. He proceeded to tell me he hadnt fed them in a week but they were also locked away and couldn't fend for themselves. I spoke to my husband and another neighbor and we decided to help. When I went in the backyard to begin feeding the animals (as another neighbor and I built coops to help) I was appalled a the conditions the Animals were living in & could hardly believe they were still alive. He never separated roosters and they fought, one getting his eye pecked. Fast foward a month later and I have a rooster and 3 hens I've nursed back to health.....somewhat. i use the word health loosly. I've been treating the roosters eye with colloidal silver and it's worked winders!! He also wouldn't move or eat for days so I checked him for mites and sure enough he was covered so I treated to coop and him & watched as just tens of thousands of mites climbed off of him. I laid diatamaceous Earth through the rest of the coop and treated the hens.
Now I have a sneezing runny nose hen and my rooster has raw, red and imflamed spots between his toes and on the back of his legs. He was almost completely blind for quite some time, but he seems to be starting to see shadows now and he starting to free range through the yard. None of the other chickens have this problem with their feet. It's not mites and it's not bumble foot .we don't have wet ground it almost looks like an allergic reaction to something what could I put on it? I read somewhere it could be testosterone and a mature chicken but wouldn't it be continuous and not come and go? Also how do I help my sneezing chicken I've read colloidal silver could work for that too, They've had such a rough life up to this point I just want to help them the best that I can can anybody please help me? I'm sending along a picture of his feet, his eye before treatment and our coop and yard. Is this grass ok for them? I've never had chickens and want to give them a good life.


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The feet look fine. I don't see the redness, but it's common for roosters in the spring to have red stripes running down the backs of their legs. This indicates active hormones. It would also extend between the toes.

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