Red?red Cuckoo Orpington bred to ??

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    Okay, I have a question for those more experienced and any suggestions would be much appreciated.. :)
    Last year I ordered and hatched some red/red cuckoo Orpington eggs and ended up getting 2 red and 1 red cuckoo hens...
    Here is my situation...

    Because I ended up not getting any roosters out of that hatch and haven't been able to find any Red/red cuckoo roosters to add to these girls, should I just keep them separate until I find a Red/RC Rooster? Or should/would I dare put them with another color Orp Rooster I have?
    Here are the colors of Orpington Roosters I have a spare in: Black, Blue, Mottled, Chocolate & Lavender.
    Which would be my best match? What colors would result in these breedings?

    Any advice is welcome and appreciated..

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    What are your goals? What do you want with your breeding? Your “best match” purely depends on what you want to achieve.

    Your cuckoo hen will give you barred males and solid hens, basically black sex links. The solid red hens will not, obviously. Cuckoo is the sex linked barring gene.

    I assume your mottled rooster is black mottled, not a red mottled like a Speckled Sussex? Since the mottling is a recessive gene, you can consider him black for the first generation crossing. The chick will be split for the mottling gene but you won’t see it.

    With the black or mottled rooster, you will get black chicks.

    With the blue rooster you will get some blue and some black chicks.

    The Chocolate and Lavender are both recessive genes that modify black when they pair up. Since they are recessive and will not pair up, the chicks will be black.

    Remember, with that cuckoo hen you will get barred males and solid females. With any of these chicks, I would expect to see some red leakage especially in the boys.
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    Dec 18, 2016
    Is your chocolate a true chocolate or is it brown that may be dun based?

    If a true chocolate you will get:
    males - black & white barred
    females - solid chocolate

    If a dun (brown) based "chocolate" you will get:
    males - some (statistically half) black & white barred and some dun and white barred
    females - some solid black and some solid dun

    With blue roo you will get:
    males - some (again statistically half) black & white barred and some blue and white barred
    females - some solid black and some solid blue

    If you want to create red barred (cuckoo) males:
    1) Breed red barred hen to black roo = 50% b&w barred male offspring
    2) Breed b&w barred male offspring back to red barred hen = 12.5% (1/8) will be red barred male offspring (half will be single barred, half will be double barred
    3) Breed single barred red male offspring back to red barred hen = 25% red single barred, 25% red double barred
    3b) Breed double barred red male offspring back to red barred hen = 50% (100% of males) red double barred male offspring and trait is locked
    Along the way, with the red barred offspring you will get some gold as well and can breed those back to get gold barred also if you want.

    Red barred is beautiful. Good luck and post photos of your progress!

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