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  1. I bought some red sex links as chickies. The reds are females and the white one are the male. So now they are almost grown. And I am deciding whether to keep them or not. So I put the white roo with the red hens to raise babies. Then their chicks will be identified the same way?? I know it is a really stupid question. But just in case I am wrong.
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    No. You'll end up with approx 50% that you would be able to sex by color. Then half of the OTHER whites will be roos and half pullets. And half of the 25 % that are red will be roos and the other half pullets, confused?

    In other words, you won't be able to sex them as babies accurately... statistically speaking you'd only be right about 50% of the time!!!
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    just get mutt chicken, as they are a cross of two breeds. no longer sex link.

    Reason, for the cross is to sex easy at day old, and the pullet are great layers.

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