Red Sex Link hen X Black Americauna Roo

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    Aug 27, 2010
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    I have a Rex Sex Link Hen that i got from tractor supply store last spring. She is a deep red color with yellow feet and a short single comb. The base of each feather is bright white and her wing feathers are white. She lays some of the bigest darkest red brown eggs i have ever seen.
    A few weeks ago i purchased some 6 week old Black Americauns chicks and at least 2 of them are going to bee roosters. I live in a fairly close neighborhood on a 1/5 acher lot. I never considered keeping a rooster but!!!! it occured to mee today that if i can get some fertal egg from the Black ameracuna rooster and this Red sex link hen i might get some Easter egger hens that lay olive green eggs!
    Any one have any experience with this and what color might these chick and adults be?

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    Jul 22, 2009
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    The white in the Sexlink hen is Dom white so breeding her with a Black roo would should give about half of the chicks looking mostly black with varying amounts of red leakage ( like if they were a cross of a RIR with a Black Am.) And the other half would be mostly white with varying amouts of red leakage.
    Thats what I would think anyway, if the roo happened to be Silver based then the black colored offspring, especially the hens, would have Silver leakage instead of gold, and the white half of them wouldnt really show the leakage and would be solid white for the most part. But I dont know if there is any way to know if the roo is silver or gold based, or maybe even split for both being a roo. But most reds X Blacks have red leakage.
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    You could get olive eggers. I know what you mean about the red sex links. I have one that lays dark enough to be considered a marans if you were just going by the egg color chart lol and her eggs are huge. I was thinking of crossing her to one of our blue ameraucanas to see what would happen with the egg color as well. Let us know what happens with yours [​IMG]
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    Aug 27, 2010
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    Cool I think i might try to keep one of these Black Americauna roos as long as i can. The neighbors would never put up with Crowing so hopfully he can stay quiet untill he is fertal! LOL
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    OP- not trying to take over your post, but I have a question. If I cross an EE hen with a RIR roo OR black australorp roo do you think I will get olive eggs? I want some so bad!
  6. Dray67

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    Aug 27, 2010
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    From the serching the forms a brown egg laying hen to a roo carring the blue egg gene seems to be the best fit to get olive eggs.
  7. txcarl1258

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    Sep 11, 2010
    The best olive egger cross is between a dark laying breed such as Marans or Welsummer with an True Ameracauna. You could get some olive colored eggs with your EE, but they may not be as dark as you would like. I have two EE hens who lay the ugliest green colored egg you will ever see! It is a khaki brown with a green tinge. You will never know unless you try. Good Luck.
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    Here is what you get when you put a Blue Wheaten Ameraucana Roo over a Cinnamon Queen hen

    1. White roo on the left. has white legs.

    2. The Reddish (he/she). Looks one way on one side, and another way on the other side. I called it a roo because of the long lanky legs.... but one is green and the other white.

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