Red Sex Link Hen X Dominique Roo

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    My Red Sex Link Hen and Dominique Roo had ONE chick. Is there any way to tell the gender based on the coloring? If it’s a boy would it look like how the roo looked when he was a chick? The chick is yellow, like how the hen looked at that age, but it has a black spot on the back.
    What can I expect this chick to look like? IMG_2515.JPG IMG_3103.JPG 97506DBA-9D9E-43FC-828A-422309A0D8ED.jpeg 53CB37FD-BD20-4AA1-A85D-17D69397D564.jpeg

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    Sex link chickens do not pass on the genes for their chicks to be sex linked. There is no way to tell by color if the chick is male or female. I think the chick will probably be colored similar to the hen, probably with a little black in it since you say the chick already has some black coloring.

    My last batch of mixed breed chicks were all yellow when they were fluff balls. As they matured some were pure white, some had varying amounts of buff and some even had a few black feathers. It's so difficult to predict with mixed breeds.
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