Red sex link or red star chickens?

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    Apr 6, 2011
    I was wondering if anyone could post pics of their red sex link chicks? I have been told I have 3, the guy I bought them from said they were 2 RIR & a PR and all hens, but I was recently told they are 2 hens & a roo and sex links. Mine are 6 weeks old now (possible roo could be a week older) and I would love to see what others looked like at this age and what they will look like later. I guess Im still holding out hope that my roo is a hen and maybe just a different breed [​IMG] We really hate to get rid of him and hubby is dead set against eating him....hubby is the one who nicknamed our chicks fried, baked and teriyaki when we first brought them home LoL! [​IMG]

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    Sex Link (RSL) and Red Star (also Cinnamon Queens etc) are different names for the same type of cross- both produce chicks that are sexable at hatch in the F1 generation and are high at egg production.

    RIR (production/hatchery) are listed in the chart:

    "Rhode Island Red"

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    here is a link to a website for purchases.... I think they have done an excellent job explaining the breeds. They have artwork of the chicks:

    also info on production reds, gold sex link, gold comet -- and how the hybrids are crossed to get the offspring.

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