Red Sex Link with Balance Problems, Fever (?) Black Toe

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    IMG_0975.JPG IMG_0976.JPG IMG_0972.JPG Hello,

    New to this community and hoping someone here can help me out. We have a pair of Red Sex Link chickens from the hardware store. One of them has been acting funny: loss of coordination and balance. She tips forward or over, although she can stand. Closer inspection has shown a black spot on her toe. It's been very hot here, so I can't imagine it's brought on by cold. We haven't touched her feet at all since she came home three weeks ago.

    We've brought her inside and she's hanging out in the bathtub. She is eating and drinking fairly well. Droppings are green and white (see attached picture). Her comb is pale and she seems to be feverish.

    Any and all help would be very much appreciated.

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    She may have torn off a toenail or suffered a stepped on or crushed toe at some point. Mareks disease could be a possibility, but she might also be suffering from coccidiosis since she may not have been on grass too long. Dehydration or weakness from not eating can cause imbalance. I would either get some droppings checked by a vet for coccidiosis and worms, or just buy some Corid (amprollium) and treat all the pullets. Dosage is 1.5 tsp of Corid powder or 10ml (2tsp) of liquid Corid per gallon of water, changed every day, for 5-7 days. Make sure that she is drinking the medicated water or give it with a dropper.
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