Red sexlink laying oblong speckled eggs


Apr 7, 2019
I have a red sexlink who at POL got an infection (after only 2 eggs) and hasn't laid (I think) since then. Well I've begun finding these speckled eggs that are a little oblong and not at all like her first 2 or any of her "sisters" current eggs.
The first time I found one I thought maybe one of my welsummers snuck into the sexlinks coop and laid it. The welsummer hadn't laid for me yet and they were all free ranging and she had access to the coop... however, we were away for 2 days and they're cooped separately and I came home to these
same shape, same odd speckles... and I know there's no way my welsummer snuck out of her locked coop on the other side of the property, into the sexlink coop, laid her eggs and then returned to her locked coop... does anyone know if it's possible for my chicken who had the infection to be laying these? Maybe because she had the reproductive infection? Could that cause this?

I also have a couple easter eggers, both have dark legs but one lays blue eggs and the other lays a very light brown or pinkish egg... is that a normal color for an easter egger? For some reason I though they were blue or olive/green. I had no idea they could lay pink!
The color is really hard to see on camera but here are hers.
I believe it was salpingitis but cant be sure as I didnt have her treated by a vet and just gave her left over doxycycline that my husband never took. Its been roughly 6 weeks since then and I honestly believed she wasn't going to lay again so this would be a pleasant surprise.

I'm pretty sure my welsummers arent laying at all, but the person I got them from a few weeks ago said they did. Do they look too young to actually be laying because to me they don't look old enough. I was just able to get a hold of one and her tail end doesn't look at all like she's laying but since I dealt with my infected chicken I know that can go back and forth
She was lethargic and not eating. She also layed a lash egg. She lost a lot of weight in two days and I ended up force feeding her and starting antibiotics when she just layed there and refused to even get up. Her stool was very watery (from lack of food I'm assuming) and she she was only passing it once a day.

I was questioning whether they were welsummers when I got them. They look just like the two Easter eggers I have. Yesterday I had two pink eggs when I collected everything at once. We usually go out numerous times and collect eggs and my kids help with that so I wasn't realizing there were 2 pink layers and 1 blue layer in the house so I'm guessing that was her and maybe the other will start laying soon. I'm disappointed as I really wanted brown speckled eggs, but it's not so bad as long as I'm getting eggs I suppose!
I have a red sex link that lays the prettiest speckled eggs & one that lays oblong eggs. :idunno You can see the speckles in the pics, sorry no oblong pics.
A few of mine lay eggs with dots... one lays with white spots in the pores of the egg and one has dark spots in the pores of the eggs but the new eggs of my "sick" chicken arent uniform at all and truly speckled. Heres a comparison.

Her eggs that she laid before were never like this. Always brown and uniform

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