Red sexlink suddenly developed bald spot on head this morning!


5 Years
Nov 21, 2016
21 month old red sexlink, roughly 5.5 pounds, developed bald spot on head this morning. Spot doesn't seem at all bloody, chicken not exhibiting any signs of stress or distress, other chickens no treating her any different.

Noticed patches on neck of red sexlink without feathers in April, feathers still not growing back. She did seem to have sustained an injury to a wing around the same time--nothin visible but she couldn't fly into coop for about 5 days--but seemed to recovered just fine. Additional bald area appeared on breastbone area in May, feathers still not regrowing there either. Husband thought she seemed warm a couple days ago, but it's been 20 degrees warmer than normal here recently. However, she seems to be acting generally normal and is still laying 5+ eggs/week. Free ranges with 5 other chickens (speckled Sussex). Flock is friendly with each other (no noticeable pecking issues). No other birds have any noticeable feather loss. However, the Sussex are barely laying eggs lately (again, perhaps due to the heat?)

No noticeable issues with eating, drinking, or defecating. Coop is clean, no issue with mites/lice. roughly 4.5 cubic feet but birds have ready access to a 5 x15 foot run and free range from sun up to sun down.

ANY suggestions/thoughts/help would be HIGHLY appreciated!!


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It also could have been a hen. Either from getting in a spat, or another hen doing mounting behavior. I've had dominant hens do rooster mounting behavior in the absence of a roo in the flock. It is a dominance thing. Spend some time observing your birds, you may be able to identify who's the culprit.
As I've been working outside, I've been around the hens several hours every day but haven't seen any aggressive behavior. A mild chase is the worst it's ever been. However, the spot is larger today.
I appreciate your help figuring this out!!


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