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    We got 10 hens for free last week. Not sure on their age. We got an egg on Sunday but none since. It is winter here but has been a mild one. Do I need to be concerned or just more patient? The previous owner said they were laying until it got cold. Also do you feed your chickens inside and outside?
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    There can be a few reasons that the laying is not in full swing. The stress from relocation is a big factor. It will soon go away. Another factor is that they may have gone thru molt and have not totally recovered from it. Maybe they are already spent and the previous owner not aware of it. Sexlinks do produce very well for about 4 years or so, and then they burn out. GIVE THEM A CHANCE to normalize and then see. Other chicken breeds produce for longer periods of years, but the production does drop with age. Sexlinks are kind of SUPERCHARGED egg machines. I have one about 1 year old and she is currently laying daily almost a JUMBO egg. My RIR is about 3 and currently laying about every 2nd day, a LARGE egg.
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    They will eventually pickup in productions, daylight is getting longer which is more of a factor in laying than the temps, unless they're old chickens. (I normally retire mine @age 3-4 yrs old), as for your latter question I got feeders both in the run(outside) and in the coop (inside) just watch for the mice and rodents they will come if there's food. I have reusable mice traps outside the run and by the outside doors of the coop.
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    Congrats on your birds and welcome to BYC!
    As noted above, there are several factors that can be involved in the lack of eggs from your new girls at this point -- the key thing to do is just provide the best care and environment and then be patient and allow them to settle in.
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    May 28, 2016
    i feed my RSL a mix of scratch and layer feed and lots of scraps that seems token them going, up until recently when it started getting really cold i was getting 5 eggs a day but now i get 3-4, but thats just my experience (p.s there 1 year old)
  6. That breed is a Hybrid layer with early burn out in egg production if not fed the proper feed.....try feeding a layer feed at a18% .....No treats.....Also they will need time to restart after a move.......They will still lay eggs if older , just not as many......


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