Red star chicken death

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Mar 14, 2015
I have a little Red star and she's dying. It's the second in a 3 month period. Same slow death. Weight loss, even though eating, acting a big aloof. I keep a clean environment, take fabulous care and feed them well. They are in a flock of 12 (mixed breeds) and the others are healthy and well. They get regular checks for mites and other issues and are treated holistically if anything shows up. Her breathing is normal, output in poop has been liquid for past three days and her comb and waddle are pale. Her eyes are clear, she's loving as normal but lethargic. Will be sending this one in for autopsy as I can't stand loosing my girls for any reason. Any ideas? I've been putting liquids in her the past three days by dropper but she is not responding as I'd hoped. She's almost 2 yrs old.
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