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    OK, I have erad that red stars also known as red sex links can be bred from several parents:
    RIR X White leghorm
    RIR X Delaware white
    RIR X White Plymouth Rock

    or substitute NH Red for the RIR with any of the above.
    There are some other combos like
    RIR X RI White et al, but these seem to have enough physical differences in the pullets that they can be determined easily enough.

    My question is this:
    I know the red stars will not breed true, neverthe less, it's what I'm starting with and I'd like to know what parentage I'm starting with for future breeding purposes.
    Is there a way to determine the parentage of a red star from the above list based on any secondary characteristics? With a few generations I should be able to develop a group of nearly RIR and a group of nearly whatever the mother was, but I'd like to know what breed stock I'm working with.

    The hens are red with a bit of white at the ends of tail feathers (not much, typical red stars). The roos are white with red/ brown patches on their back and mixed in the tails. The hackles are an off-white, ivory, slightly gold color. Again, typical red stars that match ofspring all of the above parentage options.

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    Another sex link question. [​IMG]

    RIR X Delaware, Light Sussex, or othet silver columbian birds
    RIR X Rhode Island White
    RIR X silver laced wyandotte

    Would give red sex links working on the gold/silver sex linked genes

    White leghorn would not usually work for a gold/silver sex link

    White Plymouth Rock would only work for a gold/silver sex link if it is dominant &/or recessive white on silver columbian. This is not always the case. I think I've been told that they're often dominant white &/or recessive white on sex linked barring with silver.

    BTW the birds you describe at the end of your post sound like RIR or similar X Rhose Island White or other silver columbian with dominant white.[​IMG]
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    You beat me too it. But I have to post it anyway. Ha look another sex linked question.

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