Red Star -- I have 6 on- year-old birds, and they began losing feathers over the "back half" of thei

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  1. Tatonka51

    Tatonka51 Hatching

    May 22, 2014
    They have bald butts and I see no signs of feathers growing back. With winter coming, I fear that they won't make it. Is this a normal condition? I also have a few Sex Linked, but their feathers look good. Help!! They are laying and otherwise "normal".
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  2. maytham

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    Mar 7, 2014
    hey, i had that with my roo before, and with much research, i put him in a seperate cage, gave him a new diet which included onions and garlic and apple (old family remedy :) ) . also, try to keep his coop dry as not to cause an infection in the exposed area.
    you should do some research, sometimes these birds would get stressful causing feather lose, its funny but true, this would happen all over the body so i would check for anything that could bother it ie; threat from another rooster, etc...
    hopes this helps! please keep us updated!!

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