Red star sexing question

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by Cluky, Sep 25, 2013.

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    Apr 13, 2012
    my chicken hatched an egg that came from a red star chicken. I am pretty sure the rooster on farm is sex link as well. I have read that te chick color at this point is unreliable. but figured I ask. so do I need to wait until it starts crowing or laying or can I still use color to determine what it is?
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    You can't use color, but you might be able to tell before the egg/crow appears.

    To see how it won't work to color-sex, create a sex-link pairing with the chicken calculator, and then choose "continue with this male" and "continue with this female" in the progeny.
  3. You cannot use color, but the reality is that at 6 weeks, look for comb and wattles. If so? It's a cockerel. If not? It's a pullet.
    It isn't "just" that this fella pictured below is white, and thus a male, look at his comb and wattles. The pullets? Na da.

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    you're right, sex linkage is a one time deal. You should be able to tell around the 6-8 week mark, the males aren't usually too shy about growing combs and having thick legs. They'll also (usually) have darker red wings and patchier colors, hens will be more even, smoother colors. Try posting a pic around that age and we should be able to confirm gender for you.

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