Red Stars - first egg @ 16 weeks, now nothing....


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May 2, 2011
The title tells the story. I have 11 Red Stars that I free range in the afternoons but coop up in the mornings. Last week I put 2 golf balls in the nest box and earlier this week (Tuesday or Wednesday), my first little egg showed up! It was about the size of the golf balls.

Now the problem; they haven't layed again. At least not that I know of. I kept them cooped all day today just in case they were laying them in the brush somewhere..... it's dark outside now and there is no eggs.

Is this normal? Laying one egg, then following with nothing for several days?

I know it's early, just wondering why I haven't got another egg yet.....

Never raised Red Stars before.


Same thing happened to my Golden Comets. Tiny egg, then nothing for weeks. They're just gearing up
Yeah.. my silkies did that too. Of course, they have never laid an egg a day but I waited for about a week for my next egg LOL
Mine are 17 weeks now and we had the same thing happen. One little egg then a second bigger egg then nothing for like a week. Now I have three hens laying pullet eggs just waiting for everyone to get laying.
Our Golden Comet started early Aug. We've had big eggs and small eggs, several missed days in a row and then several egg days in a row. Yesterday was a tiny egg and today was a huge egg after a few soft shell broken eggs. We don't ever know what to expect when we look. She's the only one laying out of our four. Not sure how long it takes for a regular pattern.
I imagine it must take a while to get consistent laying. After all at 16 or 17 weeks they are still growing themselves so they don't have as much energy to put towards egg laying. I know I am getting two or three eggs a day when I get them out of 12 hens that are 17 weeks, but they are all breeding with my roo and are adult size. I am just going to wait and see what happens next I guess.

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