Red Stars?


10 Years
Jul 30, 2009
We are looking at switching to Red Stars next year ( 2-3 dozen) and I am desiring advice.
We need a strong layer to keep up with sales, and we know they lay super well in winter here in Alaska.

All the flocks I have seen, look horrible. They pick each other to bits!
But, one friend got them a few months ago, and they are not seeing these issues.

Is it just an issue of space and feed that causes this issue, or, is it just a problme with this breed.
I had RS several years ago and never were a problem. Right now I have 4 Comets and the only problem I have with them is fighting them off--they want attention and are always underfoot. I switched over to Black Stars starting with a flock about 5 years and ago and currently have a replacement, second group that is starting to lay--no reason for the switch except I wanted to try something different--I'd be just as satisfied with the either cross.
I would say you are correct...they may not have had enough space and/or were not getting a feed high enough in protein and it led to pecking. I have not had problems with my sex links other than they think they are Masters of the Universe!
They are very slow to learn that Mama is head of the coop/run!
I plan to get them and give them to broody hens to raise. We quit hand raising chicks this year, and love the outcome.

I did wonder, because this breed is the only one I have seen in such a mess.
Fabulous egg layers all around though.
Boo-Boo's Mama :

I have 6 and plan to add a dozen or two dozen next year BUT we have to add onto the coop/run before that happens!

Coop/pen building is a never ending project

I plan on getting 3 seperate coops set up.
One for my broody mommy cochins, one for baby layers and one for my grown up layers.​
Coop/pen building is a never ending project lol

Yes, I know
hide.gif wanting to add more colors to my egg basket so need breeder pens and hoping to add more layers to help supplement our Soc Sec/pension when DH retires in a few years.
My two stars are the best birds I have! The only ones I free range too since the others don't let me walk up and grab them to put them up, while the Stars follow me and like being pets. Plus they lay daily for the most part, my others... when they feel like it with the exception of the Astralorp.

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