Red Sussex

What about in Western PA
I don't know why this link is not working. Horstman has Red Dorkings and an extensive website at this addy. Just Google Horstman poultry and that will get you there. Hes in Uniontown, PA.
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Went over to the American Sussex breeders Club website. checked the Sussex breeders directory. there are five other people in the United States with red Sussex besides Horstman . Horstman has been in fancy poultry for over 50 years. especially take note of Jimmy Bell in Tennessee. I have heard of him before.
Now here is some advice When selecting where to get your stock from Bob
Blosl, a legend in Rhode Island Reds poultry, who passed on a couple of years ago. He gave this Sage advice followed by other Elite breeders.
if you get birds from the same flock or foundation, and the Breeders are 500 miles apart... the the differences in flock management and artistic breeding decisions by the different breeders... will create flocks that are akin to line breeding ( not inbreeding) if you should decide to breed them together. Even though the birds came from the same Foundation or even the same original flock. So choose high-quality birds from destinations that are far apart and line breed your Birds.
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