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    Pictures of inflamed swollen tail on our Rhode Island Red, Marylou are below. I started this under another post, but thought I'd put it up here as a separate thread for people with this problem in their flock. Marylou's tail was swollen and bright red. I thought it was a skin infection, but antibiotic ointments and anti-inflammation meds weren't doing anything. I posted this under another thread about poor Miss Marylou, and it was suggested that it might be an oil gland infection. !! I didn't know such a thing existed.

    I started her on antibiotics. We had Cephalexin left from a precautionary prescription prior to a trip. There was a definite improvement within a day. But after that it was back and forth better and worse. I increased the dose bit by bit until I reached about 100 mg 2x/day. That did the trick. I suspect other broad spectrum antibiotics might also work.

    Her tail has now been fine for at least a month. Her feathers haven't grown back in yet, but that's related to her earlier medical challenges. I keep hoping she'll molt, but she seems determined not to.


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