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    I have 2 layer hens (and a rooster) Recently I have gotten a couple of eggs with red-tinted albumen from them. What might be the cause of this? The eggs were fresh, it was not the red spot of a fertilized egg, but red strands running all through. They eat mainly commercial layer feed with some plant material tossed in and whatever bugs or lizards stray into their coop. I threw the eggs out a couple times but the last time I just used it anyway, it seems to have been OK.

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    Blood in eggs is often causes by the hens bumping or knocking into things, flighty birds are more prone to them due to how easy they get startled and over react to things, it's usually caused by broken blood vessels.
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    Blood in egg is usually from a broken blood vessel when the ova is released from ovary.
    It's often just a spot of red or brown on the yolk or in the albumen, has nothing to do with fertilization.

    It can be more than just a spot tho, I've gotten a couple pretty bloody eggs.

    As long as it doesn't happen often it's just a glitch,
    tho it will make you break eggs into a separate container instead of directly into pan or recipe for awhile.

    The video link is an excellent example of the egg formation process, and clearly shows and explains the 'blood in egg' issue.
    Egg Formation Video
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    Hey, thanks for all the responses. Somehow I didn't get notification of them so I didn't see it til I came back just now.
    It's only been a couple eggs so I guess it's nothing to worry about. Thanks again :)

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