Rediscovering Old Music!

Peaches Lee

13 Years
Sep 19, 2010
Well, since being tortured with listening to music that is plain awful at my work, I have been rediscovering the wonderful world of older rock music. Right now I am loving my CCR album I got!
The funny thing about it is, is that I am 24 and should be jamming right along with my co-workers to this hip and new stuff and I'm like.
Anyone else enjoying music that's not on the radio?
Peaches, how far back does your late in music go? Mine dates from Bill Haley and my favourite music decade is the '70's. If you have good taste, there is some great modern music too:
Yeah, I have a lot of cassettes that I've had to buy CDs for because they have gotten worn out. And my mom has a lot of LPs that I get the CD to now as well.

Thaiturkey--well, some of my favorites are Beethoven, Mozart and Vivaldi, so I'm not opposed to go back that far LOL!!
Classical music is a great choice, Peaches, but not my personal taste. There are rock riffs taken from the classics, as you may know. This link may interest you:

Enjoy whatever appeals to you.

Do you not download music from iTunes? I have some downloads but its not cheap and I like to have the album sleeves. CDs are burnt to iTunes on my computer and playlists then go to my iPod. The LPs are too valuable to play now and the remixes for CD are often of better quality.
Not a radio listener, but I do love me some modern music. ...Just not what appears on mainstream radio. I about died when I went to the Miyazaki movie, "Arrietty". Disney released it in the states, and I'm pretty sure the Disney-pop songs were not what was present in the Japanese release. X) There was something so wrong about trying to watch a heartfelt movie about selfless characters with, "I'M 16 and OH SO PRETTY" blasting in the background. It was almost surreal...but mostly painful.
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And here's a great classic track from Pink Floyd. It was sung live to acoustic guitar at my friend's funeral over here. Not a dry expat, eye in the house:

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