Redneck Outfitters

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  1. Anyone got any shirts from the Redneck Outfitters?
    Share your shirt's Humor HERE!!! We have ALOT of them...

    Hubby has:
    "Save a horse, ride a cowgirl"
    "Dont' like my flags, you can kiss my redneck *BLEEP!*"
    "These colors don't run"
    "Born to Fish, Forced to Work"
    "You cross the line, your *BLEEP* is MINE"

    I have:
    "If the Trailor is rocking, don't come KNOCKING"
    "Dixie Mama"
    "Little girls play with Dolls, Rebel Girls play with BIG TRUCKS" (something like that, if Only I can find the shirt to get it corrected!)
    "Save a horse, ride a cowboy" (yes twins with my hubby, didn't on purpose)
    Dixie Outfitter "PAINT"

    My son has:
    "Dixie SLUGGER!"
    "This is my big ride" (A puppy on a red wagon)
    "I was born in the south by the grace of GOD"

    My 1st daughter has:
    "Dixie Baby"
    "Best Friends" (with Puppies)
    "Too much Southern Girl to handle"

    My 2nd daughter has:
    "Best Friends" (with Kittens)

    We have TONS more if only I can remember all of them! LOL!
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    Jul 31, 2008
    My DD has one that says "my mom is my ATM"
    ans she has another that says "I may be small but i have my daddy wrapped around my finger"
  3. Quote:Oh gosh, I seen that one, wanted to get it so bad for my 1st daughter! LOL, she really does have daddy wrapped around her finger!

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