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    My favorite hen Red, (that I believe to be a Rhode Island Red) disappeared last week. We came home late Friday night and when we went to close up the coop, all our other chickens had gone in to roost- but Red was not in her usual spot. Since she was one of the only chickens unable to fly, we assumed a fox must have come along and snatched her. We live on a 400 acre farm, so we knew it would just be a matter of time before something discovered the chickens. We looked all over for her-found no sign of her and when she did not show up the next day we knew she hadn't just nested under a bush somewhere for the night.

    That weekend we finished the coop and made it escape and fox proof. Monday afternoon I was out in the yard working near the coop and along came Red. She had been gone for two whole days. I happily picked her up and looked her over. She was uninjured so I don't think she had been snatched, dragged off, escaped and then had to find her way back.

    Normaly my chickens do not wander too far from their coop and we were in the yard for a majority of the weekend finishing the coop- so we know she was not around. Where on earth could she have been for two days? These are my first chickens... Is this common for free ranged chickens? Will they occasionally take off for a few days? :/

    P.S. They are supervised free range only now.
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    Happens once and a while. They find what they think is a good spot to roost and there they go. Or they may wander to far just before dark. The there's the one who decides to go broody and hide.
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    Mystery Solved: Yesterday my husband found 6 eggs in the corner of our old abandoned milk house. We believe she was sitting on a nest of eggs for those few days. She may have gotten spooked by one of the barn cats and came home. LOL Just glad to have her back. She's a nice chicken. :)

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