Redstar, cherryegger, cinnamon queen... what ?

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  1. I have been going to the auctions again. I am just looking, ya know, cage shopping.

    Any who, I have seen several birds go through that look pretty much just like each other.

    Some call them "redstars", some call them "cherryeggers" and some call them"cinnamon queens"

    So, my question is, which is different and which are alike. Does any one REALLY know how these darlings are bred ?

    I have heard RIR over Leghorn, the other way around and plymouth rock over RIR and the other way around.

    So, which is it PLEASE !!
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    They are all Red Sex Links. The Roo is usually a RIR crossed with a white hen of whatever breed. This gives you chicks where the males are white and the hens red. The genetics for color must be mostly on the X chromosome. Since the red roo passes a Y on to the males they then have the coloring of the white hen, which passes on the X. An avantage is you can cull the males right away.
    This is my limited understanding of chicken genetics [​IMG]. Probably not much help but it will bump you back up.
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    i think they are all basicllay the same.. just different hatcheries have different names for them... "red-sexlinks"
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    Our Cinnamon Queen couldn't have come from a leghorn because she lays a DARK egg.... it's not Welsummer or Marans but it's dark.

    She came from Cackle... time to look on their website I suppose....

    All I can find are guesses... NHR X SLW is what I'm reading.

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