Reducing stress from raccoons


Mar 28, 2018
If I obstruct the hens' view of the rest of the yard by enclosing the run in a non-see-through material, will they stop freaking out about the raccoons that visit daily? My chicken run is enclosed chain link (including on the top) which keeps raccoons and hawks out, but they get all squawky and stressed when they see a raccoon in the yard, and then they are too stressed to lay eggs. I live in an urban neighborhood of single family homes, with an enormous centuries old tree in the backyard that I'm sure is where the raccoons make their home. Anyway, I'm wondering if preventing the hens from seeing the raccoons will be enough... or can they smell raccoons too?

Thanks Backyard Chickens members, I've found this community very helpful and this is my first post!

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Welcome to BYC!! There are lots of folks with lots of knowledge here. I learn something all the time.

As far as the poor hens go, yes, blocking the view would be a good thing. The question I have is, is your run dig proof? Cause coons will dig. And I'd put a self closer on the door into the run too, there are lots of times you think it is closed and latched, but nope. Make sure the coop is coon proof too. If they visit the yard every day, they know the chicken dinner is there, and they will go to great lengths, especially in the spring with kits.


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If the chickens see the raccoons come in regularly but are not actually attacked, then the chickens will settle down. My chickens have even acclimated to Cooper's Hawks such that they will dust bath even though hawk is only 10 feet away and in plane sight.


May 22, 2016
It is inevitable that the coons will get in. When they get hungry enough, things go wrong. I hope not but right now they are babies. When those babies get big enough they will need solid food. The closer to home the better. Just keep your eyes open.

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